Simplifying the blog

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Out with the Old

My blog is gathering dust, I guess I am not the best writer by a long mile but seeing the framework I was using become deprecated I decided it is about time to do a refresh.

In with the New

I have been learning NextJS for a couple of days now and I have to say I have been impressed by how easy it is to pick up. Of course the nature of the documentation is top notch.

Previously I was using AnchorCMS and what I really liked was how minimal it was. I access a backend and write posts in markdown, the UI was as basic as can. Playing around with NextJS gave me a similar feeling.

I decided to rebuild this blog using NextJS and Nextra and deploy to Vercel and I have to say that is the easiest deployment I have experienced. Git commit and Vercel deploys the site :)

Writing posts in markdown is a blessing, importing my old posts was a breeze.

Still learning my way around especially on Serverless functions but it is exciting thus far!

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